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"I have owned Spring for the last 15 years and I have observed and trained countless clients in a personal and/or class setting. I have participated in sports and fitness for almost 40 years and I have also invested considerable time and effort into the more formal and scientific side of performance, health and nutrition. All of my experience has taught me that there are no secret body hacks and no magic one-size-fits-all solutions for sustained weight loss, body transformation or improved performance. There are, however, certain principles without which progress is hard to come by. My goal as a coach is to share these principles with you, help you internalize them, and support you as you apply them to your unique situation. Join me and let's make continuous improvement the norm!"



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"U-Thrive has helped me reach my personal health goals. I need accountability and support, which is what Alex provides. He has helped me make small changes that are producing results. We also worked together to modify the program to meet my needs. The combination of flexibility and accountability are what I needed to finally start seeing results without major sacrifices. I highly recommend a trial to see if it will work for you!" -Leslie O.

A note from your coach:

"I recently signed up for Spring Yoga’s 30-day U-thrive coaching program after completing the 30-day trial program.  I had worked with Alex on site at Spring Yoga prior to the pandemic and I had greatly admired his style and approach to working with clients. Still, I was a bit unsure as to how I would fare with only phone check-ins and not meeting in person.  I was also quite resistant to the idea of keeping a food journal, which he had strongly recommended.  Since I figured that I had nothing to lose (no pun intended), I gave the journal a shot and we scheduled a time to meet over the phone the following week.  Even before our first meeting, I felt a sense of empowerment and a more optimistic outlook about my weight and fitness goals.  The act of keeping a food journal and just knowing that I was going to be "meeting" with Alex on a regular basis made me feel accountable and more self-aware.  My meetings with Alex and his encouragement, support and helpful tips about nutrition and exercise have reinforced my commitment.  In less than two months, I have shed my COVID weight, but, more importantly, I have maintained a healthful eating regimen and fitness routine that has jump-started my sense of well-being.  I am very grateful." -Marlowe S.


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