​​*No big, complicated plan needed! We just need to figure out when/where you will exercise and how you will record your food journal entries(phone app, small pad in your pocket, etc).


Program Introduction

Program Conclusion


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 The Simple Weight Loss Revolution is Here!

 30 Day Program - Pay Only $1 per lb/lost.

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Day 30:

Contribute $1 per/lb lost

"There is no magic, one-size-fits-all solution for weight loss. We are all different and a lot of times what works for you will not work for me and vice versa. However, I have been around sports and fitness for 40 years, I have owned a fitness studio for the last 15 years, and I know that the key to healthy and sustainable weight loss for most of us is very simple - an active lifestyle combined with a sensible diet. That's it! And we all know it. It's so simple. But we also know that simple does not mean easy. And simple does not mean fast. That's where I come in. There are no secrets to this weight loss program. I won't teach you any never-before-seen exercises. I won't give you any life hacks or magic diet advice that shrinks your waste line overnight. I will, however, use all my years of experience, experimentation and research to guide you and support you as you gradually make small, incremental steps towards a more active lifestyle and a more sensible diet. If you are ready, please join me on this journey - I would be thrilled to have you on board!"

A note form Alex - your head program designer:

5 Lifestyle Changes

Make a Plan!

Initial Weigh-in


Revolutionizing weight loss through simplicity, affordability and accessibility! 

No Fasting, Starving or Strict Eating Schedule  -  No Magic Diet Pills  -  No Cutting Out Food Groups  -  No Max Intensity Workouts  -  No Fancy Gadgets

No No Overnight Lifestyle Hacks  -  No Special Workout Equipment  -  No Up Front Cost   -  No Paying for Lack of Results  - ​  No Guarantees or One-size-fits-all Solutions


Program Overview:

Day 1:

12 Wokouts

20 Journal Entries

Day 2-29:

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Final Weigh-In

​​Workouts - 30-45min routines designed to encourage weight loss and increase strength. Workout video link will be delivered to your inbox and you will always have 1-2 rest days after a workout, so you can fit it in on another day if your schedule shifts. Just be sure to do them all!! Props needed: Yoga mat + Weight. Any weight works- dumbbell, kettlebell, weight plate, a nice heavy stone form the garden or gallon of milk :)

Journal entries - No calorie counting, no detailed breakdown - just a list of food/drinks consumed at what time. (E.g.- 8pm: Chips and salsa, 2 fish tacos w/ rice and beans, 2 beers.)

Changes - simple, easy changes such as: drink a glass of water upon waking; have a snack after your workout, stretch/walk/bike/you pick it for 30 min on one of your rest/recovery days this week.